EVCO Custom Upholstery and Refinishing Now Offering Free Estimates


(Sacramento, CA)—Sacramento-based EVCO Custom Upholstery and Refinishing has announced that they are now providing free estimates for homeowners who are interested in their upholstery and furniture refinishing services. Upon request, a member of EVCO’s experienced team can come out to a client’s home to discuss their design needs and come up with a pricing estimate that works for their budget. Those who would like to take advantage of these free estimates are invited to contact them by phone.

Ben Cator, a representative of EVCO Custom Upholstery and Refinishing, commented “Homeowners realize that the look of their space determines how they feel in their space. It’s such an accomplishment to achieve a design scheme that’s congruent with a homeowner’s personal style and flair, but many of them find this hard to do simply browsing traditional furniture stores. This is where we come in. Our design team has 37 years of experience in the business and can refinish or provide custom upholstery for just about any furniture item. Now, our free estimates are making it even easier for homeowners to get the exact look they’re going for.”

EVCO Custom Upholstery and Refinishing has over 4000 fabrics in stock and over 2000 sample books to choose from. No matter which style or service they need, the company can provide them with a free consultation conducted in their home in the very space the homeowner wants to decorate. EVCO is able to offer decorator assistance for every furniture upholstery or refinishing project to ensure that homeowners walk away feeling great about their space.

As Cator goes on to say, “EVCO has been in business for more than six decades, and we’ve been dedicated to exceptional client service every step of the way. Offering free in-home consultations and estimates is just one of the ways that we provide top-notch service and make it easy for our clients to update their design. We look forward to having even more opportunities to use our knowledge and expertise to help homeowners achieve the style they want and create their ideal living spaces.”

About EVCO Custom Upholstery and Refinishing:

EVCO Custom Upholstery and Refinishing is a custom upholstery shop that specializes in both residential and commercial furniture restoration and repair. They also specialize in Antique Restoration as well as custom slip covers for all types of furniture. EVCO also offers refinishing for all different types of furniture, whether it be wood trim, legs, wood tables, dressers, buffets or any other pieces a customer be considering for refinishing. EVCO can accommodate customers for all their custom refinishing and upholstery needs. They have a large selection of the finest fabrics and top-grade materials available to choose from.

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The Inclusions of the Gap Year Program

Parents can’t totally agree of the possibility of letting their high school or college students to take a year break from school in order to go around in another country while to let the ideas about the new cultures they might learn sink in their minds and apply it in their lives in the near future. There are hesitation on the parent’s part because of the possibility that their children will not continue to study right after they arrive in their own country after a year of enjoying a gap year. However, every parent must not worry about those doubt because the gap year program has many inclusion that will make it impossible for the children to quit their studies once they go back after the trip to another country.

For those students who wants to hold their enrollment for the next semester because they are craving for adventure in a foreign place and they want to learn about the cultures of the place, Jewish gap year program is the right program for you. The learning that a student can get once he finished the Jewish gap year program is beneficial in his entire school life and so in this process, things will be better for them and their perspective about reaching their goals in life will be upgraded in an excellent version.

The list below are some of the major things that can be include in a good quality Jewish gap year program:

1. In order for the students to travel safely to their destinated foreign location, the gap year program must include the transportation services in going their.

2. They must be provided with a safe and comfortable place to stay while they are under the gap year program and during that period, they must receive a good amount of money as a salary.

3. A gap year program must offer the kids some of the positions that are necessary while doing the program and they must be acquainted with good company.

4. In doing the program, a student must be aware of doing the job with a great flexibility.

The disadvantage of travelling solo by yourself instead of having to participate in a gap year program is that there’s a possibility that you can feel lonely in your trip and you won’t have a chance to experience how it is to work hard. So in order to make the gap year program successful, try to help your child find a good company in which he or she will interested to take part in. Sometimes, not only cultures are learned once you do the gap year program in a place because at the same time, you can also learn the language they are speaking.

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